The PMTC is a knowledge environment where diverse professionals gather with a common interest in the development of personalized medicine in Europe, where technology is the key element to bring about such development.

Consolidating  the personalized medicine
network and its knowledge

Target Audience
The Conference will attract  around 150 – 200 executives, middle managers and managers of research centres, companies and official bodies with interest in Personalized Medicine in Spain and bring their experience to the knowledge environment of personalized medicine in Spain.

Other professionals with interest in this area of new business opportunities will be interested in attending (IT, insurance, finances, medical devices, consulting services, business angels, venture capital, etc.).

The Conference will be also be the prelude to the presentation of a more ambitious project, the Personalized Medicine Technology Congress, an international conference where the key areas of Personalized Medicine will be discussed in depth.

Speakers profile
The panel of speakers responds to professionals already working in medicine of the future. These professionals, who besides being leaders in their field, currently impart their knowledge as managers of multidisciplinary teams.

They will expose the state of the art in science in some of the key areas of Personalized Medicine but apart from explaining how they got to this point, we especially want to meet the challenges they face from now on. This is where a universe of unexplored opportunities for all attendees arises.

That is to say, now that we have reached the current state of scientific knowledge, we want to answer the following questions:
What can we do to go still further?
What challenges do we face?
What lines of work have to be developed to advance?
What are the most feasible solutions?
What opportunities are open to us?

March 24th 2017